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I is ‘thinker’. He listens intently, takes in all that going on / being said, before sharing his ideas, reflections and thoughts in ways that are often incisive, profound, and provoking. I makes significant connections with people, between lines of thought, and different practical activities. He loves to help, join in, and work alongside others; and is equally comfortable to work alone. He demonstrates serious levels of determination, patience, and perseverance / grit, in order to get his point across effectively. 


S is incredibly adaptable, shows initiative, and demonstrates natural leadership qualities. He loves to draw alongside, join and work alongside others – whether that is in pairs, small groups, or the whole class. He is equally at home working independently. S is always up for an adventure, he loves to question, and finds deep joy in discovering the answers that lie buried beneath.


H is an adventurer, a designer, and an innovator of note. He enjoys the freedom, space, and time to observe, think, and work independently, whilst accepting the contribution, feedback, and insight from others. He has an affinity with construction, his environment and animals; he brings all of these to his learning, reflecting and relaxing.  H always shows great persistence / grit, ingenuity and creativity when he puts his mind to it.


Inside H is an ‘agent of change’ waiting to unleash himself on the world. Every now and again you catch a glimpse; it’s exciting, mesmerizing and potentially game-changing.


Category : Creative Workshops

L works well independently, in pairs, and /or as part of a group, where she demonstrates competence as a leader. She thrives in an environment where she can explore, experiment, and express her ideas and unique insights freely. L reflects well, listens, and asks great questions that unlock others.


Category : Creative Workshops

H’s description of how and where Gold is made and found, made us wonder whether we ought to be seeking more of the thoughts of children as we begin to discern the next steps towards a school.


Category : Creative Workshops

K flourishes in environments where she is able to explore, experiment, and express herself freely. She enjoys working with clay, drawing in ink, and 3D prototyping. She is quietly confident, works well independently and with others; when she asked she is willing to share her feelings, ideas, and thoughts.


Category : Creative Workshops

M is an incredibly creative, innovative and inventive individual, who is comfortable working alone, in pairs, and / or collaborating with others. He approaches challenges, new experiences, and tasks concentration, focus and intensity. His willingness to take risks, learn quickly, and express his innermost self means he embraces new ways of being / thinking.


Category : Creative Workshops

CS (right) views life through a creative sense lens; colour and sound are important to her. Her eagerness and her engagement in activity reveals a confident girl, who is able to interact with all her peers irrespective of age differences. CS reminds us all what its like to be a joyous child again.

I’m going to use my imagination; imagination is when you don’t copy off anyone else