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#4. Bag packing

if you know your fruit and veg from your dairy or your breads from your bottles, consider asking your local supermarkets if they will allow you and a team of volunteers to pack bags. Speak to the store manager, explain the vision and values behind the school, and ask if they’d be willing to support your fundraising efforts – either in this way or maybe they will even have other ideas on how to raise £1000. Ask family and friends to sponsor you per bag, or ask the manager if they would be comfortable in you asking for donations from customers – remembering that every little helps!

#17. Dish washing

before the days of automatic dish washers there was such a thing as washers of dishes, a communal tradition utilising H2O, soap suds and a second person as a dryer-upper. In honour of what is fast becoming a lost art, why not offer to wash the dishes every evening for a year and see what your parents will pay you in return; it must be worth at least a £ a day! If you must use an automatic dish washer, you could always offer to stack, empty and put away every day for a reasonable price of course.

#18. Dog walking

ask around, see if your neighbours have hounds that need walking for £££s on a regular basis. It’s a win win win: local pooches get exercised, you get exercise, and as a result African school children get access to some quality cognitive exercise!

#19. Easter

organise a supervised session for local children where they decorate, dye or paint blown or hard boiled eggs. Ask each child’s parents for a financial donation and keep your costs down by asking people to donate whatever equipment you may need.

31. Litter picking

organise a group of volunteers, and sponsorship, for a mass litter pick, either on a specific day every week or commit to once a month for the whole year. Whether you decide to get sponsored by the minutes you spend cleaning up or the quantity you collect / recycle, it won’t be wasted, as not only will you raise money for a school in South Africa, but the local environment will soon start to look better too.

39. Present-free birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and / or Wedding

now this is a hard one, because it means personal sacrifice rather than just expecting others to foot the funding bill…have you considered offering your next potential gift givers the option to donate what they would have spent on you to a greater cause, like establishing an excellent, affordable and inclusive school in South Africa? It’s actually not that big a sacrifice when you put it like that is it? Who wouldn’t go without, or have less, for one year so others have the opportunity to access quality education for the next 15 years

40. Present wrapping

skilled with scissors, sticky tape and strategic folding? Why not approach your local shopping centre, retail park, toy store or mall and offer to wrap purchased presents on key occasions like Christmas, Valentines, Mother’s and Father’s Day? You may have to spend a bit on paper – although some stores might provide resources for free, given the good cause that you’re wrapping for and the extra business that you being present will no doubt encourage. Ask shoppers for donations per wrap.whatever expensive leisure activities you’ve downgraded, for the whole of 2017?

44. Sell yourself

well rather than ‘sell’ self, perhaps profiting from your expertise, talents or time, is a better way to put it. Whether you are fluent in French, a master mechanic, or music maestro, consider offering regular lessons, once off advice for a sizeable donation, or auction off your time to the highest bidder. It is all for a good cause and you would be using the resources that God has given you for the benefit of others.