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#5. Barbeque or Braai

spot a break in the weather and organise a bbq, barbie, or if you’re proudly South African, a braai – which are enjoyed all year round!  In addition to steak and boerewors (sausage), homemade patties (burgers) and pork bangers (sausages), South African side dishes include biltong, butternut, chakalaka (spicy vegetable relish), cheesy garlic bread, braaied potatoes, creamy potato gratin, mieliepap (maize porridge) and sweetcorn. Remember dietary requirements such as gluten free, halal and vegan if you plan to invite the community. Be bold, ask the local butcher or supermarket to donate food, consider whether asking for donations for food or charging for each item will maximise your fundraising efforts.

#7. Book club

have you or your colleagues, friends, neighbours ever considered forming your own book club? Well 2017 is the ideal year to start! Things to consider include which day / evening and time you’ll meet each month or week, the location and atmosphere you want to create – especially how to include everyone and facilitate good discussion – people’s passion and how that might influence whether you look for titles amongst Critics Circle, Firecracker, Nebula and Hugo and Pulitzer prize winners, or where the group has specific interests. Ask members for a donation each time you meet.

#13. Coffee morning

organise some quality Fairtrade beverages, biscuits or cakes, and invite family and friends around for a cuppa and a chin wag. to stimulate an educational debate or facilitate a discussion on dreams think about streaming the Game Changers film. Either ask for donations there and then, or some people may feel inspired to organise their own year full of events to raise funds.

#16. Dinner party

invite your friends, family, neighbours to join you for dinner, asking them to donate what they would expect to pay for the same meal at a local restaurant, or – if you’re cooking with confidence – as much as they think the meal is worth. If you’d like an African ‘flavour’ to your dinner party, see Idea 5 for inspiration on the different types of food you could serve. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could organise what is known as a ‘safari’ dinner, where people travel to different homes for each course.

#17. Dish washing

before the days of automatic dish washers there was such a thing as washers of dishes, a communal tradition utilising H2O, soap suds and a second person as a dryer-upper. In honour of what is fast becoming a lost art, why not offer to wash the dishes every evening for a year and see what your parents will pay you in return; it must be worth at least a £ a day! If you must use an automatic dish washer, you could always offer to stack, empty and put away every day for a reasonable price of course.

#18. Dog walking

ask around, see if your neighbours have hounds that need walking for £££s on a regular basis. It’s a win win win: local pooches get exercised, you get exercise, and as a result African school children get access to some quality cognitive exercise!

#24. Garage Sale

is your garage full of everything but the kitchen sink and the car? Do you love to hoard, just in case it might be needed in the never near future? Well now it is needed, but to sell rather than to use! Organise a single garage sale at your home, or multiple garage sales the length and breadth of the street, if you want to go big big big!!! Don’t forget to advertise in the community using flyers, posters and maybe even a newspaper article highlighting your efforts and the great cause you are cleaning up for.

#25. Garden Party

are you a keen gardener or know some green fingered guardians? It doesn’t matter if your garden is large or small, square or round, secluded or surrounded, a wide open space or a window box, you can raise funds for our school by asking the public for donations to see your prized annuals, bulbs, fruits, perennials, roses, shrubs, trees, or even your selection of house plants. Clotted cream, jam and scones are optional extras, and who wouldn’t dip into their pocket for a glass of homemade lemonade in summer heat or even a selection of hot teas to take the chill off.

26. Golf Day

thinking of organising a charity Golf day? Well you’d better know your Better balls (where pairs use their best score on each hole), from your Four balls (where 4 players compete in a round), or your Foursomes (where 2 players play against 2 others, each pair hitting alternative shots with one ball), from your Scrambles (where a team hits from the best position). Got it? Now all you need is a course of course, local companies to donate prizes, and to sell green fees, plus other money making schemes like ‘get out of bunker’ cards and try-that-shot-again cards (also known as mulligans).