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#2. Art and / or photographic exhibition

are you a budding artist or belong to an art club? Or maybe you see yourself as more of an appreciator of art, but with the ability to organise creative-types? Consider staging an exhibition, that either celebrates local talent or highlights a certain theme. Given enough notice artists, designers or photographers may wish to create new pieces. Be creative about how you raise funds, for example, ask artists to donate works to sell or ask the public for a donation to enter.

#3. Auction

some say that if you haven’t used something in the last six months you probably don’t need it. Well, six months may not take into account the impact of seasons on what we use or wear, but if you haven’t seen or picked something up in over a year it is definitely time to let it go. Imagine what treasures lie dormant in your attic, cupboards or under the bed, then multiple that by the number of colleagues or friends you have, and you have a potential charity auction on your hands. Add some higher value items, like donations from local companies, sports clubs, or expertise like advice or training and you have an auction the whole community won’t want to miss out on.

#5. Barbeque or Braai

spot a break in the weather and organise a bbq, barbie, or if you’re proudly South African, a braai – which are enjoyed all year round!  In addition to steak and boerewors (sausage), homemade patties (burgers) and pork bangers (sausages), South African side dishes include biltong, butternut, chakalaka (spicy vegetable relish), cheesy garlic bread, braaied potatoes, creamy potato gratin, mieliepap (maize porridge) and sweetcorn. Remember dietary requirements such as gluten free, halal and vegan if you plan to invite the community. Be bold, ask the local butcher or supermarket to donate food, consider whether asking for donations for food or charging for each item will maximise your fundraising efforts.

#8. Book Sale

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what to do with all your books once they have been read? Why, a book sale, of course! Put out a plea for book donations and set up a book stand or a book sale outside your home or at your local community hall. Ask for donations per book / bag.

#9. Bring and buy

exactly what it sounds like; you beg or borrow a space, badger people you know to bring something they are willing to donate, broadcast it to the wider local community, and before they leave you encourage them to buy a bargain and bag up with more than they came with. It is sure to bring in a healthy profit for the school.

#10. Cake sale

bake as many cakes as you can, or better still get your colleagues, friends, family to bake as many cakes as they can, and sell at a central location. You could even turn it into a Bake-off type competition if you like, selling the winners (and losers) cakes either to the highest bidder or suggest a donation. A cake sale can be an event all by itself or it could be a stall as part of a bigger event celebrating local creativity and taste.

#11. Car boot

clear out your attic, garage or spare room and drive whatever you haven’t used for a while down to your local boot sale. Be prepared to get there really early and don’t be surprised to find bargain hunters ready and waiting to root through your loot even before you get chance to open your boot. If there aren’t any car boot sales locally, speak to the local and relevant authorities about organising your own at your church, school or the local community centre. Think about asking for a donation from every car.

#24. Garage Sale

is your garage full of everything but the kitchen sink and the car? Do you love to hoard, just in case it might be needed in the never near future? Well now it is needed, but to sell rather than to use! Organise a single garage sale at your home, or multiple garage sales the length and breadth of the street, if you want to go big big big!!! Don’t forget to advertise in the community using flyers, posters and maybe even a newspaper article highlighting your efforts and the great cause you are cleaning up for.

26. Golf Day

thinking of organising a charity Golf day? Well you’d better know your Better balls (where pairs use their best score on each hole), from your Four balls (where 4 players compete in a round), or your Foursomes (where 2 players play against 2 others, each pair hitting alternative shots with one ball), from your Scrambles (where a team hits from the best position). Got it? Now all you need is a course of course, local companies to donate prizes, and to sell green fees, plus other money making schemes like ‘get out of bunker’ cards and try-that-shot-again cards (also known as mulligans).