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Fundraising #1. Aerobics-athon

organise a once off timed event or a regular weekly aerobics class, with the goal of improving yours and others’ flexibility, muscular strength, cardio-vascular fitness, and of course raising funds. You’ll need to think about a suitable instructor, gym mats or flooring, music and space. Gather friends, get fit and raise £’s by asking for a donation or sponsorship.

#4. Bag packing

if you know your fruit and veg from your dairy or your breads from your bottles, consider asking your local supermarkets if they will allow you and a team of volunteers to pack bags. Speak to the store manager, explain the vision and values behind the school, and ask if they’d be willing to support your fundraising efforts – either in this way or maybe they will even have other ideas on how to raise £1000. Ask family and friends to sponsor you per bag, or ask the manager if they would be comfortable in you asking for donations from customers – remembering that every little helps!

#6. Bike ride / cycle race

next time you’re thinking about a casual Sunday afternoon cycle, don’t just ‘think bike’ but ‘think bigger’ by inviting your friends, family, colleagues or wider community to join you in a sponsored cycle. Or perhaps you take your cycling seriously and regularly compete in races – Mountain, Road or Single Speed – then, why not put all that effort and energy to even better use by raising some £££s as you pedal!

#12. Car wash

do you live on one of those streets that is blessed with parked cars, bumper to bumper, on both sides? Well, sometimes fundraising involves spotting the opportunities that present themselves nearest to you; so whether it is your neighbours, teachers, supermarket shoppers, the office block or passers-by, you could literally clean up by asking for donations or sponsorship to wash as many cars as you can in a weekend. Explain what a good cause it is as people wait for their wash and polish.

#14. Dancing

whether you see no harm in barn dancing or you’re strictly ballroom, organise a sponsored dance-athon that raises funds by the hour, minute or per song. Or how about a competition, with a panel of experts commenting and scoring, and maybe an audience that donates funds for every vote they cast to keep people dancin’ or out. Perhaps you’d prefer something a bit more social, if so, why not consider a ceilidh, rave in the nave or a 70’s night, where you ask for donations from dancers on the door.

#22. Five-a-side football

challenge friends or local community groups like builders, firefighters or shopkeepers, to a five-a-side tournament as part of a football fundraiser. Teams could be sponsored by the number of goals, tackles, clean sheets. They could simply pay to play and / or you could charge fans a fee to see. Who wouldn’t want to make a substantial donation to see the local High School students take on the Teachers? Just make sure you also have a team of medics, both to play and to patch up any injuries!

31. Litter picking

organise a group of volunteers, and sponsorship, for a mass litter pick, either on a specific day every week or commit to once a month for the whole year. Whether you decide to get sponsored by the minutes you spend cleaning up or the quantity you collect / recycle, it won’t be wasted, as not only will you raise money for a school in South Africa, but the local environment will soon start to look better too.

35. Pancakes

how many pancakes can you make, how high can you flip and for how long, how far can you race or – best of all – how many can you eat? Challenge your colleagues, school friends, family members, or even the whole street, to a pancakathon. Whether you decide on a single event or go multiple – pan is Greek for ‘all’ after all – you will need to consider whether it would be most profitable to ask for donations towards entrance or to seek out sponsorship by the cake, flip, mile, or mouthful.

36. Parachute jump or sky diving

if there is ever a quick way to raise £1,000 in one go it has to be by jumping out of a plane at 13,000 ft (4,000m), at speeds up to 120mph (190km/h). Think about it, even if you are only sponsored £1 for every metre, you could raise enough in a single jump to buy a whole penalty-box-sized worth of space for our school. Organise a few friends to jump and you could be looking at half a fields worth!