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Always willing to help, join in, and / or lend a hand, the most common phrases you’re likely to hear from B s either ‘Can I help you?’ ‘Who would like..?’ or ‘I have made this for you’. B is confident, compassionate, loves reaching out to people, and loves to share resources. He is an initiator, a leader of learning; others often follow, take his ideas on board, and go further.


I is ‘thinker’. He listens intently, takes in all that going on / being said, before sharing his ideas, reflections and thoughts in ways that are often incisive, profound, and provoking. I makes significant connections with people, between lines of thought, and different practical activities. He loves to help, join in, and work alongside others; and is equally comfortable to work alone. He demonstrates serious levels of determination, patience, and perseverance / grit, in order to get his point across effectively. 


H is an adventurer, a designer, and an innovator of note. He enjoys the freedom, space, and time to observe, think, and work independently, whilst accepting the contribution, feedback, and insight from others. He has an affinity with construction, his environment and animals; he brings all of these to his learning, reflecting and relaxing.  H always shows great persistence / grit, ingenuity and creativity when he puts his mind to it.


S is incredibly adaptable, shows initiative, and demonstrates natural leadership qualities. He loves to draw alongside, join and work alongside others – whether that is in pairs, small groups, or the whole class. He is equally at home working independently. S is always up for an adventure, he loves to question, and finds deep joy in discovering the answers that lie buried beneath.


Inside H is an ‘agent of change’ waiting to unleash himself on the world. Every now and again you catch a glimpse; it’s exciting, mesmerizing and potentially game-changing.


K is a beautiful human being, comfortable to explore questions and find answers for herself, always willing to help and serve others. K is an observer of her surroundings, a noticer of others; our first child-documenter.


L is an extremely capable, determined, and strong individual. She has a
light hearted, observational, and sharp sense of humour and perspective on life. L is quietly confident in spirit, never afraid to speak her mind / share her thoughts, whilst compassionate, gentle, and servant-hearted.


M (left) enjoys clay, painting, and model making, where she loves to experiment with colour, structures and exploring sound. She works well independently, in a pair, and / or as part of a larger group, where she listen well, initiates discussion, and provokes thinking with her incisive questions. With her incredible sense of awareness, empathy, and inter-personal skills, M instils a sense of peace, brings people together, and finds solutions to challenges.