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The Smithers

Category : Steering Group

Co-founders Rachel and Philip met Cliff and Emily Smithers – and their children Henry and Charlotte – in September 2018. Cliff and Em have been one of the key motivating forces that have driven the launch of the school on the North Coast.

Ryan Matthews

Category : Steering Group

As one the senior leaders at Freedomhouse, Ryan has become one of the champions of the school’s philosophy, a guardian of the vision, and one of the leaders responsible for creating space to launch quality, diverse, and affordable education on the North Coast.


Bronwyn Eb

Category : Steering Group

Since the beginning of 2019 Bronwyn has been a part of the group of passionate community leaders and parent-carers who have been – and continue to be – instrumental in seeking the next steps forward to the point of launch.

Bronwyn attended a presentation on How to Revolutionise Education in One Generation – where Philip and Rachel fed back findings from their world wide research – in September 2018, and was part of the team that was responsible for contextualising a child-led, inquiry-based and Reggio Inspired Approach on the North Coast, in March 2019