Co-founding Principals, Philip and Rachel Bowyer, each have more than 25 years’ experience of facilitating ‘inter-cultural’ spaces within education, community development, children’s and youth work; regionally, nationally, and internationally. With qualifications in Art, Design, Education, Mathematics, Music, Play Therapy, Special Educational Needs, Theology, and Youth Ministry, they each bring a diversity of thinking, disciplines, and backgrounds.


In the two years immediately prior to founding the schoolPhil and Rachel Bowyer had the opportunity to study and travel extensively. They have contextualized the best of what can be found within the workshop model in South Africa, the Inquiry-based and Modern Learning Environments in New Zealand, the Positive Education Model in Australia, Uncommon Schools / Teach Like a Champion techniques in the USA, the thematic approach in Finland, and the Reggio Approach in Italy, and the schools it has inspired as far afield as Israel, the US and New Zealand.


A Message from our Co-founders

Your child is a unique individual who is creative, curious, capable and intelligent. 

We believe that a secure, caring, and stimulating environment – where children feel safe and are free to experiment, explore, and express themselves – results in the most effective climate for learning and teaching. 

As a school we want students and staff to: 

▪ Feel safe

 ▪ Be actively involved in learning 

▪ Experience and celebrate their own and others’ successes

 ▪ Actualise their cognitive, physical, spiritual, social and emotional quotient

We believe this will happen within an inclusive community where relationships are based on mutual respect.  

As a school we are passionate about providing quality education for all.  Therefore, each member of the school community will be valued equally regardless of their race, culture, religion, national origin, gender, age or disability.   The education space intentionally makes room for diverse thinking, disciplines / subjects, and backgrounds, because we believe that South Africa is better and stronger when we are together.

Rachel and I foresee inter-cultural communities, springing up all over South Africa; embracing spaces, where no one or no-thing is left unchanged, because everyone learns from one another and grows together.   We believe this movement starts with families who are willing to embrace quality, diverse, and affordable education where teachers, children, their families, and the wider community, begin to co-learn what it feels and looks like to live together, rather than apart.

The question is, are you one of those families?

Will you join us in making South Africa great?