Diverse Education

We believe that degrees of diversity – whether that is a thought, discipline, and / or background (IDEO 2018) – has a direct impact on any school’s ability to facilitate the kind of quality of education previously described. Diverse experiences, skills and viewpoints – where they are free to be expressed and explored – stimulate the level of complex thinking and problem-solving that is required to foster progress in an innovation-driven society; a rapidly evolving world where the facts and future are uncertain or unclear (World Economic Forum, 2018. Diversity Trumps Talent).

“When the way forward is unknown, ‘creative collaboration’ utilizes the power of diversity and creativity to develop innovative solutions….A creative mindset helps us imagine new possibilities, and make unexpected connections between. While diversity…increases the nature and number of ideas. It is this combination that pushes you beyond the obvious and safe ideas, to the truly innovative”

IDEO, 2018.


As a school we’re committed to being intentionally inter-cultural. Studies by The Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning show that where there is a mutual exchange of norms and ideas, deeper levels of knowledge, respect, and understanding of all cultures develop.  In celebrating and making room for diversity, no one is left unchanged, because everyone learns from one another (2016).

Where is the future? Where does the “new” reside? We will find the future in places where new forms of human coexistence, participation, and co-participation are tried out….It is necessary for us to learn this unity in diversity, and this diversity in unity’

Cagliari P., 2012. One city, many children: Reggio Emilia, a history of the present, p. 45.