Our ethos is driven by i). our vision of an equal and integrated South Africa, which we believe begins with its citizens – children, their educators, parents-carers, and the wider community – learning how to live together, through the provision of high quality, diverse and accessible education…

and ii). our image of a self-giving, social, and unified God – who values, receives, honours, collaborates, and makes room for the other.

As God’s image bearers we seek out, welcome, and respect one another’s culture, faith, and socio-economic backgrounds, people who share different beliefs, experiences, and viewpoints from our own (McLaren 2012:130).

We celebrate, encourage, and support one another in our differences; we grow more, go further, and change more when we are together. We see ourselves, and the children and parent-carers in our schools, as ‘agents of change’ (Tennent 2010:479), with a mandate to re-imagine, create, and co-construct justice and peace in the teeth of society’s structures (Bosch 1991:179).