Learning how to live, together

Since its inception in 2007, KZN-based NPO and PBO Soul Action has sort to address inequality and segregation in society through the inter-cultural gathering, training, and mentoring of leaders from the world of business, education, Non Profits and the Church – all within 100km of Durban.


Holistic Well-being

Soul Action is driven by a vision of an equal and integrated South African society, where every person has access to opportunities that will enable them to fulfil their holistic potential – cognitively, physically, socio-emotionally and spirituality.  It is a vision that we believe starts with our children learning how to live together – rather than apart – through the provision of quality and diverse education, that is accessible to families from a range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Soul Action’s co-founders Philip and Rachel Bowyer have been facilitating intercultural spaces within, and between representatives, from the fields of education, faith-based organisations, Non-profits, the Church, and youth / children’s work for more than 25 years, in South Africa and the UK.

Intercultural describes communities in which there is a deep understanding and respect for all cultures. Intercultural communication focuses on the mutual exchange of ideas and cultural norms and the development of deep relationships. In an intercultural society, no one is left unchanged because everyone learns from one another and grows together.

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As a qualified teacher in the UK, Rachel taught Grades 00-5 for 11 years, and coordinated Special Education Needs for 2 years. She holds a Masters with Distinction in Education (2014), a Postgraduate Certificate to teach Specific Learning Difficulties (2005), and a BEd Hons in Music and Mathematics (1996). Since 2009 she has worked with Senior Managers at Quintile 1-3 schools, and trained / mentored Grade R-4 educators to teach English and isiZulu.

Philip has a Bachelor of Theology Honours (2014), a BA with Honours in Product Design (1996), a Diploma in Theology and Youth Ministry (1998), and a Certificate in Art and Design (1993). In 2007 he was awarded a Masters of Social Science by SAQA, after studying towards an MSc in Education for Sustainability in the UK. As National Coordinator of Youthwork, and Manager of Innovation, at one of the UK’s larger relief and development agencies (2001-2007), Phil was editor of a number of magazines and the published-author of several books on asset based community development.


Well Researched

As part of their journey towards quality, diverse and affordable education, Philip and Rachel have studied, experienced and piloted a number of approaches to quality education, including blended learning and the workshop model (South Africa), the Reggio Approach (Italy), Inquiry Learning and Modern Learning Environments (New Zealand), the Positive Education Model (Australia), Uncommon Schools (USA), and a thematic approach to learning (Finland).