Bringing Quality, Diverse and Affordable Education to life

Co-founders Philip and Rachel Bowyer (right) – alongside a group of local parent-carers – are bringing a child-led, inquiry-based, and Reggio Inspired approach to education to life on the North Coast from 2020.

The dynamic curriculum balances the development of foundational literacies in math, language and science with skills in critical thinking, creative problem-solving, inter-cultural communication, collaboration, curiosity, initiative, persistence / grit, adaptability, leadership, and social / cultural awareness

As a private, independent, income-based-fee-paying school, the combination of quality, diverse, and affordable education represents a springboard to embracing greater equality and integration in society.

Through the mutual exchange of experiences, ideas, and cultural norms, the school offers a space where deeper relationships, understanding, and respect for one another can be developed.

In the words of the Spring Institute of Intercultural Learning:

‘In an intercultural society, no one is left unchanged because everyone learns from another and grows together.’[i]




[i] The Spring Institute. 2016. What’s the difference between multicultural, intercultural, and cross-cultural communication? [online] Available from [Accessed September 2019]