Soul Action has developed a number of policies relating to staff, parent-carers and students. If you would like a copy do feel free to get in contact.

Recruitment and selection

Soul Action employees are one of the school’s most important resources and essential to the realisation of its vision to create quality, diverse and affordable education; where every child has every opportunity to fulfil their God-given potential. Thus, recruitment and selection of staff who are aligned with our values is extremely important.  An approach which is strategic and professional is necessary in order to attract and retain staff of the highest calibre.

Staff code of conduct

Drawn up in accordance with Soul Action’s values, the aim of the Code of Conduct is to give clear guidance on the standards of behavior all staff are expected to observe, including: a commitment to value the whole child, a commitment to provide a safe learning space, passion to provide excellent education for all, a desire to work towards greater equity & equality, a passion to develop healthy partnerships and a deep sense of respect.


The aim of the Disciplinary Policy is to provide a structure to address any issues or concerns Soul Action’s Management Committee and the School may have relating to an employee’s conduct.

Sickness and absence

The Sickness Absence Management Policy and Procedure has been developed to provide a framework to achieve good attendance through supportive, fair and consistent management, for the effective management of sickness absence and to put in place a structured procedure for dealing with cases where sickness absence is a cause for serious concern.


Soul Action’s Grievance Policy sets out the principles for employees to raise concerns related to their employment, with the aim of being clear in which circumstances a grievance may be raised, dealing with grievances in a fair and consistent manner and ensuring that management respond promptly and appropriately to grievances raised by employees, with a view to a satisfactory outcome.

Whistle blowing

Soul Action’s Whistle Blowing Policy aims to provide the means for staff to raise concerns, allow staff to take a matter further if dissatisfied with the senior management teams response and reassure employees that they will be protected from reprisals or victimization for confidential reporting.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Soul Action recognises that every employee is entitled to fair labour practices and that all employees have the right to dignity, privacy and equity in the workplace. The aim of the sexual harassment policy is to affirm the employer’s commitment to recognising these rights and to provide procedures that protect such rights by reporting, investigating and correcting, or disciplining incidents of sexual harassment.

Child Protection Policy and Procedures

The purpose of the Policy and Procedures on Child Protection is to protect our students by ensuring that everyone who works in our school has clear guidance on the action which is required where abuse or neglect of a child is suspected.

Technology and E-Safety Policy

As a school we recognise and embrace the positive impact and educational benefits that can be achieved through the appropriate use of the Internet and associated communications technologies. We are also aware that inappropriate or misguided use can expose both adults and young people to unacceptable risks and dangers.   We aim to provide a safe and secure environment, which not only protects all people on the premises, but also educates them on how to stay e-safe in the wider world. 

Admissions Policy and Procedure

The Admissions Policy sets out the process for applications and the criteria for acceptance.

Behaviour for Learning Policy including attendance

It is the responsibility of the whole school community – students, staff, parent-carers, volunteers, and Soul Action’s Management Committee – to make the school a happy and safe place where everyone can be a successful learner.   The Behaviour for Learning Policy outlines the various responsibilities, approaches to be used to encourage positive behaviour, and procedures for dealing with inappropriate behaviour.

Additional Learning Needs & Inclusion Policy

We recognise that some students, from time to time, will require additional support to achieve their potential.  The school will do their utmost to provide a learning environment and staff to cater for children’s varying needs.   The policy outlines roles and responsibilities, the process by which children who require additional support are identified, the range of provision and the involvement of parent-carers.

Anti-bullying Policy

Bullying of any kind is unacceptable, whether it is in the school or in off-site activities.  We consider bullying to be a serious matter and, when reported or observed, it is dealt with immediately.  The policy sets out the various responsibilities, supports in developing a common understanding of what bullying is and details procedures to follow when bullying/harassment is suspected or reported.

Administration of Medication Policy

The policy outlines the process for the administration of prescribed medication, sets out the various responsibilities, explains why and how some students may need to self-manage their own medication and highlights the documentation that needs to be completed.

Exclusion Policy

As a school we try to deal with all behavioural issues in an active, positive way, using a wide range of strategies, including those specifically designed to avoid such issues reaching the point of exclusion.   

Exclusion is a sanction used by the school only in cases deemed as serious breaches of the School’s Behaviour for Learning Policy.  The policy gives an overview of the process involved if a child has either been excluded from the school permanently or for a fixed period.

Parent-Carers Code of Conduct

We view education is a shared responsibility between parent-carers, teachers, students and the community.  We therefore encourage parent-carers to take an active part in the life of the school. We believe this is essential to establishing trusting relationships which allow us to work together in partnership, enabling all children to achieve their potential.  If a parent-carers behaviour is unacceptable and has the potential to impact on the good order and safety at the school certain measures will be taken.  This policy outlines the behaviours that are unacceptable and what sanctions are available to deal with the behaviour.

Parent-Carers Complaints Policy & Procedure

It is accepted that from time to time parent-carers may seek to make a complaint.   Complaints can cover a wide variety of matters that concern parent-carers. As a school we are committed to taking seriously all complaints made, and to dealing with these in a professional manner, and as far as possible in confidence. This policy allows parent-carers’ complaints to be dealt with efficiently and sensitively, and at the appropriate level.