Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

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We asked 100 parents…

  • what they consider of key importance when making a decision on schooling
  • if they would be willing to pay school fees based on their household income1

Key considerations in choosing a school:

Below, in order of priority, are the main factors that parents indicated are of up-most importance when choosing a school.

  • Excellent teaching
  • Strong leadership
  • Cognitive development
  • Social and emotional development
  • Multi-cultural and racially integrated
  • Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic teaching
  • Strong links between the school and the home


85Willingness to pay school fees based on household income:

  • Eighty-five percent (85%) of parents said that they would be prepared to pay school fees as a percentage / in relation to their household income

Some helpful comments made by parents in relation to income-linked fees included:

“Money should not be a determining factor to access good education.”

“Children should not be deprived of a good quality education for monetary reasons.”


“I think school fees should be paid according to household income so that whether rich or poor all children get the best education.”

“I would only be willing if it meant that under privileged kids got a chance at a better education, it would also mean my kids interact more with kids from different social economic backgrounds which is great.”

“Most parents want the best all round education for their children and would sacrifice what they have to so their children get the best education and opportunities. Unfortunately many children who are gifted fall through the cracks of mediocre education and never fulfil their full potential.”



screenshot-2016-10-19-16-15-05Feasibility Study Demographics

62% of people surveyed classified themselves as ‘White’
24% of people surveyed classified themselves as ‘Black African’
6% of people surveyed classified themselves as ‘Indian’
6% of people surveyed classified themselves as ‘Coloured’
2% of people surveyed classified themselves as ‘Other’




Our research (2016) demonstrates that parents are willing to consider paying school fees in relation to their income, thus creating a racially and economically integrated school, as long as, the school also provides the highest quality teaching and learning opportunities, where children can fulfil their God-given potential.