Teaching Staff

Child-led, inquiry-based and Reggio-inspired

“With their innate abilities, capabilities, creativity, curiosity, and multiple intelligences, we believe every child has the right to be an active participant in their own learning and development.  We see our role as educator-facilitators as modelers of what it means to be life-long learners; as we dialogue, listen, observe, provoke learning, research, respect thinking, welcome questions, and work with each students’ unique cultural experiences, ideas, and views.  To ensure an inter-cultural context of exploration, teaching and learning, we plan, teach, document, review, reflect and re-plan collaboratively as a staff team” (Embrace’s Co-Principal, Rachel Bowyer – pictured right).


Principal, Class Teacher

After qualifying as a teacher in the UK in 1996, Rachel Bowyer taught Grades 00-5, and coordinated Special Education Needs for 11 years. Since 2009 she has worked with Senior Managers at Quintile 1-3 schools, and trained / mentored Grade R-4 educators to teach English and isiZulu. Rachel has a Masters with Distinction in Education, a Postgraduate Certificate to teach Specific Learning Difficulties, and a BEd Hons in Music and Mathematics.


Atelierista, Documentor, Play Practitioner

Philip Bowyer is a Child’s Play Therapy Practitioner (Level 2), and an Accredited Christian Minister. He has Honours Degrees in Theology, Product Design, a Diploma in Theology and Youth Ministry, and a Foundation Certificate in Art. His Postgraduate University Certificate in Education, from London’s South Bank University, is verified as a Masters of Social Science by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Philip is a keen photographer – a passion he puts to good use as a documentor of children’s learning. His experience of Design is something that drives him to establish a learning environment that is conducive to legitimizing the research and innovative solutions of children.

“When the way forward is unknown, ‘creative collaboration’ utilizes the the power of diversity and creativity to develop innovative solutions….A creative mindset helps us imagine new possibilities, and make unexpected connections between. While diversity – a thought, discipline, and background – increases the nature and number of ideas. It is this combination that pushes you beyond the obvious and safe ideas, to the truly innovative”

Mike Peng, Managing Director of IDEO, one of the world’s leading design and consulting firm (2018).